Career Development

We continue to grow year after year and that growth is credited to our employees. Our people love to innovate. We encourage, nurture and support those talents, through training, education and knowledge sharing, so that we can continue to create powerful security solutions and services that meet real-world demands of practicality and efficiency.

Competitive Benefits

Aside from the basics, HAWK provides a generous benefits plan and company stock. We understand the value in providing competitive benefits and incentives to attract and retain the best talent.


We support our visionary, talented and dedicated workforce in a culture that engenders a passion to achieve greatness. Our belief in excellence and professionalism, coupled with our corporate values of honesty, integrity and trust, transcend every aspect of our business, allowing our customers to trust in us as we do in each other. 

Our Leadership encourages honest and direct interactions and communications, enabling us to focus as a team in the continued creation of best-in-class security solutions and support services that our customers demand.

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