HAWK.io Solution

As more threats and vulnerabilities are detected across more devices, the security devices are overwhelming SOC personnel with alerts. Ongoing spending on infrastructure expansion and specialized expertise is simply not sustainable. HAWK.io provides massively scalable big data security analytics as a cloud-based service that provides data retention policies up to 13 months for compliance reporting.

No more need for SIEM engineers developing scripts to collect logs and writing endless static correlation rules to find specific activity. HAWK.io provides rapid onboarding of all of your devices, in many cases, as soon as one day. For the SOC analyst, HAWK.io provides rich analytics that nearly eliminates all Level 1 security alerts and provides accurate Level 2 security incidents to the powerful dashboard for detailed investigation and response.


HAWK.io uses real-time, state-of-the-art AI to help SOC analysts triage inbound alerts. HAWK's accurate analytics automate Creation, Validation, and Prioritization of true security incidents and notify analysts.


HAWK.io detects the behaviors from threat actors who have compromised security controls. Then HAWK's rich analytics track movements of the attacker throughout the network. All raw event activity is captured and scored and attached to incident records for SOC analysts to investigate.


HAWK.io integrates with identity & access management systems to observe anomalous outlier behaviors. HAWK then ranks by risk those who are attempting to access critical resources or misusing privileged accounts. All activities are captured and stored in the raw packet format for forensic investigations.


Security metrics reporting is essential for reflecting the organization's compliance posture, SOC operations efficiency, and overall security controls effectiveness. HAWK.io provides robust reporting at a macro level across your entire security infrastructure.