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"Security analytics redefines the power of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities by providing effective and better network security to predict and mitigate potential cyber threats."

MarketsandMarkets Nov, 2015

BDSA Advantage

Alert-driven correlation, while important, is limited to those events that trigger on a security device. These alerts without context have the propensity to generate false alarms at a very high rate.

Confidently detecting true indicators of compromise (IOCs) in a timely manner requires the ability to consume all streaming event data, correlating alerts, and applying advanced analytics to user activity, application activity, and asset activity from all systems. The ability to actively observe and measure behaviors from data across the entire enterprise IT environment is critical to determine validity and priority of real threats.

Alert data + Behavior data analyzed together will lead to a higher degree of accuracy and capability to deliver effective, timely response to true IOCs for effective risk mitigation.


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Value Matrix

Problem Solution Value
Security Analysts are not Data Scientists; Big Data collectors rarely provide analytics, they provide analytical tools Out-of-the-box algorithms as a weapon for the security analyst to amplify or magnify true indicators of compromise Efficiency - Security staff force multiplier; Effectiveness - Mitigate risk by enabling analyst to recommend action
SIEM 'Blind Spots'- no effective means to detect Advanced Persistent Threats BDSA Platform that can perform both alert correlation as well as advanced analytics on streaming data in context with vast amounts of historical data Maximize SIEM investment with easy to attach BDSA solution providing security organization true anomaly detection and behavioral analytics
Inability to connect available Threat Intelligence to the live and historical security relevant data stored in large repositories Advanced Analytics Engine that automatically utilizes latest threat intel from various sources Dynamic threat environment requires equally dynamic threat detection for effective risk mitigation
A shortage of data scientists and security analysts can limit an organization's threat visibility and response Data Enrichment, data normalization, and rich analytics delivered out-of-the-box to handle all the data you already have Time-to-Value - Reduced with rapid deployment solution; Better analysis techniques to make the security analyst smarter