HAWK eyeCon 5.0 Brings Big Data Security Analytics to Life!

The HAWK eyeCon 5.0 release is a powerful upgrade to the entire suite of HAWK products (HAWK eyeCon-BDSA, HAWK eyeCon-X, and HAWK eyeCon-VSA). Early detection and containment of IOC's and APT's is the theme of this major release. At the forefront is HAWK's revolutionary V-Stream technology, a patented streaming database that delivers immediate feedback to customers by providing rich analytics, searching, reporting, and viewing of live streaming data.

HAWK customers already receive the value of rich analytics and correlation of security alerts, user, application, asset behavior data, structured and unstructured threat intelligence data at any scale they need, now they can all of that in a live streaming environment.

Key Features

  • V-Stream – HAWK's patented streaming database
  • In-line Data Enrichment – Application names, Session names, User names automatically added to the streaming data
  • Automatic Load Balancing – Balancing of storage and analytical processes across eyeCon 5.0 Engines
  • Stream Explorer – Actively explore detected incidents and discover raw events similar the incident